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Greer Garson -- The most breathtaking woman
Ed used to like movies.
He'd fight for a parking spot at the theatre, he'd listen to Roger Ebert, and he'd follow the daily machinations of George Clooney and Lindsay Lohan.
And then he saw Greer Garson.
Ed saw her in "Goodbye Mr. Chips" as she turned a lonely schoolteacher into a lady's man. He saw her in "Pride and Prejudice" as she gave Mr. Darcy a lesson in archery. He saw her in "Mrs. Miniver" as she anxiously listened for the sputter of an airplane engine. And he saw her in "Random Harvest" as she fondled the cheap little beads that were the colour of her eyes.
Ed watches only Greer's movies now.
Ed has lots to say about Greer
Greer's movies
Listen to Ed go on and on about Greer and her movies.
And videos!
Important historical information about Greer, including a biography/dialography, videos, pictures, her radio appearances, and actual vintage magazine articles.
A new poem!
An ode to Greer.
Fun stuff
Bogus memories of Greer, videos, a movie trivia quiz, a dialogue quiz, the Greer-a-ganza theme park, and lots more.
A summary of Greer's movies and a bibliography.
A Greer Garson ring
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And in conclusion...
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