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Greer Garson: Super-stardom
Mrs. Miniver    (1942, with Walter Pidgeon, Oscar® nom #3 and WIN)
Greer's magnum opus, the movie that put her on top at MGM and made her a super-star.
Random Harvest    (1942, with Ronald Colman, Oscar® shoulda)
Greer's personal favourite. Romantic movies don't get any better than this.
Madame Curie    (1943, with Walter Pidgeon, Oscar® nom #4)
A much more subdued Greer and Walter this time, but they both get an Oscar® nomination.
Mrs. Parkington    (1944, with Walter Pidgeon, Oscar® nom #5)
Greer and Walter eat up the New York upper crust.
The Valley of Decision    (1945, with Gregory Peck, Oscar® nom #6)
Greer uses an Irish accent to win the heart of Gregory Peck and save the Scott steel mill.