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Greer Garson: Part-time
The Law and the Lady    (1951, with Michael Wilding)
Greer is on the wrong side of the law for the first time in her career.
Scandal at Scourie    (1953, with Walter Pidgeon)
Greer's last appearance with Walter. A warm and fuzzy B-picture.
Julius Caesar    (1953, with Louis Calhern et al)
Greer has only one big scene, but she and Louis Calhern chew up the Roman Republic.
Her Twelve Men    (1954, with Robert Ryan)
This time Greer plays the Mr. Chipping role at a boys' school.
Strange Lady in Town    (1955, with Dana Andrews)
Haven't seen it. A western.
Sunrise at Campobello    (1960, with Ralph Bellamy, Oscar® nom #7)
Greer wears a mouthpiece to portray First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt.