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A biography of Greer
Ed's idiosyncratic biography of Greer, in which he dramatizes several events from her life.
Greer on Youtube! -- (NEW)
Scenes from movies that are not yet available on DVD!
More Greer on Youtube! -- (NEW)
Hand-crafted videos celebrating Greer.
Publicity shots, vintage posters, and wallpapers -- (Pictures)
Better quality than screen captures!
Greer's most beautiful moments -- (More pictures)
Pictures of Greer at her best.
Oscar® night 1943 -- (Even more pictures)
The culmination of 1942, the Year of Greer.
Old-time radio
Greer sounds great on the radio.
Magazine articles
Here are scans of many of the magazine articles that were published in the 1940's about Greer.
Richard Ney
Ed is fascinated by Greer's second husband.
Greer as herself
Here are a few instances of Greer appearing as herself.