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Youtube videos from movies that are not yet on DVD
from "Remember?"
Greer meets Robert Taylor
Greer outrides Robert Taylor
Greer tries to dump Robert Taylor
from "Blossoms in the Dust"
Greer meets Walter for the very first time (their first-ever scene together)
Greer is stunning even when she's in a foul mood
from "Mrs. Parkington"
Greer and Walter break into a house
Greer saves a mysterious gentleman from a bumble bee
from "The Valley of Decision"
Greer meets her troublesome charges
Greer keeps Marsha Hunt out of trouble
Greer keeps Marsha Hunt out of trouble again
from "Adventure"
Clark meets Greer in the library
Garson sees arson when Gable's unable to quell Joan Blondell
Clark teaches Greer how to catch chickens
Their final argument before falling in love
Madly in love
Greer can't get Gable to settle down
from "Julia Misbehaves"
Greer's strip-tease on stage
Greer sees her daughter after twenty years
Greer impersonates a sea lion
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