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Fun with Greer Garson
The Cutting Room Floor -- Greer Garson Fan Fiction
Look what Ed has uncovered: some snippets from Greer's movies that were left on the cutting room floor!
Video stories
Beautiful songs accompanied by beautiful pictures of Greer.
A Greer dialogue quiz
Do these lines of dialogue ring a bell?
Tricky trivia quiz
Only a rabid Greer-fan like Ed could answer questions like these.
Brazenly bogus memories
Ed has quite the imagination as you'll see if you read these fictitious memories of fictitious people who have had the fictitious pleasure of encountering Greer.
GREER-A-GANZA Theme park
Come visit Ed's new theme park. It's entirely devoted to Greer!
Who was the luckiest man who ever lived?
Ed is hoping to be reincarnated as one of these lucky souls.
Greer's best movie
What was Greer's best movie? That's a tough question, but perhaps Ed can help you decide.
Greer nightmares
Just think how easily any of these horrible scenarios could have occurred.
Greer's movie pals
A cross-reference of Greer's frequent co-stars and the movies that they appear in with Greer.