Google by Ed S.
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Brazenly bogus memories of Greer
These flagrantly fabricated fictions are purely the product of Ed's own wild imagination. Each one is inspired by some little item that he's read about Greer Garson's life.
Trouble on the set of "Julia Misbehaves"
A production assistant tries to smooth things over when emotions run rampant on the set of "Julia Misbehaves."
(Only Liz Taylor can confirm this one.)
A young girl gets a peek
A young girl from Toronto drags her mother downtown just for the unlikely chance of seeing Greer Garson.
(This one makes Ed cry.)
A sailor's story
During WWII, a sailor who is serving alongside Richard Ney gets a chance to be close to Greer.
(Inspired by two real-life incidents.)
An old friend comes to visit
An old friend from Greer's former life tries to see her.