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Movies 1 -- Stardom (* = Oscar nom, ** = Oscar win)
* Goodbye, Mr. Chips -- Robert Donat
Remember? -- Robert Taylor
Pride and Prejudice -- Laurence Olivier
* Blossoms in the Dust -- Walter Pidgeon
When Ladies Meet -- Robert Taylor
Movies 2 -- Super-stardom
** Mrs. Miniver -- Walter Pidgeon
Random Harvest -- Ronald Colman
* Madame Curie -- Walter Pidgeon
* Mrs. Parkington -- Walter Pidgeon
* The Valley of Decision -- Gregory Peck
Movies 3 -- Struggling
Adventure -- Clark Gable
Desire Me -- Robert Mitchum
Julia Misbehaves -- Walter Pidgeon
That Forsyte Woman -- Errol Flynn
The Miniver Story -- Walter Pidgeon
Movies 4 -- Part-time
The Law and the Lady -- Michael Wilding
Scandal at Scourie -- Walter Pidgeon
Julius Caesar -- Louis Calhern (et al)
Her Twelve Men -- Robert Ryan
Strange Lady in Town -- Dana Andrews
* Sunrise at Campobello -- Ralph Bellamy
Biography -- with dialogues
Pictures -- pictures
Beautiful moments -- more pictures
Oscar night 1943 -- even more pictures
Old-time radio -- listen to Greer in your car
Magazine articles -- actual vintage fan magazines
Richard Ney -- her second husband
Greer as herself -- on TV, etc.
Fun stuff
Bogus memories of Greer -- little fictions about Greer
Tricky trivia -- frustrate yourself trying to answer these questions
Dialogue quiz -- identify these lines of dialogue
GREER-A-GANZA theme park -- spend a day with Greer
The luckiest man -- Walter, Richard, or Buddy?
Greer's best movie -- Ed will help you decide
Greer nightmares -- scary might-have-beens
Greer's favourite acting pals -- a cross-reference
Summary of Greer's movies -- a handy chart
Feedback for Ed -- reward Ed with feedback