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Greer Garson's movie career
Stardom   (Goodbye, Mr. Chips, Pride and Prejudice)
After spending 1938 waiting for her promised movie role, Greer reluctantly accepts a small part in a movie being made back in Britain. In this role she captivates the public and is awarded the first of seven Oscar® nominations. In her third movie she becomes a bona fide star.
Super-stardom   (Mrs. Miniver, Random Harvest)
Once again Greer reluctantly accepts a role, one that had been rejected by several major actresses. She portrays the mother of a college-age son and thereby wins an Oscar®, becomes a super-star, and marries that college-age son. In the first seven years of her career she is nominated in each year but one.
Struggling   (Adventure, Julia Misbehaves, That Forsyte Woman)
With World War II over and public tastes starting to change, MGM puts Greer into a series of mediocre movies. Not even the public's hunger for a long-absent Clark Gable can maintain Greer's momentum.
Part-time   (Julius Caesar, Sunrise at Campobello)
Having settled into a wonderful marriage, and with Louis B. Mayer no longer running MGM, Greer starts a new life in the desert and only makes a movie once in a while.