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Pictures from Oscar® Night 1943
1942: The Year of Greer
Greer's two movies of 1942, "Mrs. Miniver" and "Random Harvest," were both immensely popular and received many Oscar® nominations. Greer won the Best Actress award for her performance as Mrs. Miniver, and both of her costars, Walter Pidgeon and Ronald Colman, were nominated alongside her.
Oscar® dicta prevented Greer from being nominated for "Random Harvest" as well as for "Mrs. Miniver," even though her costar Ronald Colman had himself been nominated simultaneously for two separate performances in 1929.
As a footnote, the year 1942 also marked the disappearance of MGM's previous queens, Norma Shearer and Greta Garbo.
Late as usual
Greer is late as usual, but her costars Walter and Ronnie have saved her a seat.
The ladies wait anxiously to see which one will be deemed "Best Actress".
With Walter
The Minivers wait patiently and expectantly.
On tenterhooks
Greer and Teresa listen carefully as the winning actress's name is read out by Joan Fontaine.
Greer's won!
Greer grabs the Oscar from Joan Fontaine.
The record-length speech
Greer stands on one leg for five and a half minutes.
No, Louis
Greer refuses to let Mr. Mayer keep the trophy in his office.
Teresa wins too
Teresa Wright is overcome with delight at winning Best Supporting Actress for "Mrs. Miniver" rather than Best Actress for "Pride of the Yankees.".
Walter and Ronnie both lose to Cagney
Greer and James Cagney are overjoyed that they get to take home real trophies rather than those little plaques that Van Heflin and Teresa Wright are holding.
The great triumvirate of 1942
I've saved the best for last. Here are the three amigos arm in arm at the Oscar ceremony in 1943.