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Greer as herself
Greer on GreerTube
Youtube contains a few videos of Greer in non-acting situations.
These videos are treasures.
She clearly enjoys these opportunities to show herself off and doesn't shy away from talking up a storm.
The 1954 premiere of Judy Garland's "A Star is Born"
This was Judy's big comeback after having been dumped by MGM in 1950. Even though this movie was successful, Jack Warner dumped her soon after this movie was released.
This video is a treasure trove of Golden-era Hollywood royalty. Greer appears near the end.
The man at the microphone, George Fisher, thinks Greer is done when she ways that she's looking forward to seeing the movie, but Greer keeps right on going, promoting her newest movie "Strange Lady in Town". Why should she waste an on-camera opportunity?
This video seems to have been removed from Youtube, but it's available on the DVD of "A Star is Born."
"What's My Line" from May 12, 1957
Greer is a panelist, and we see her smiling and frowning and thinking and scratching her nose and furrowing her brow and looking gorgeous the whole time.
"The Youngest Profession" (1943)
Here is a small-budget movie from 1943 that features cameos from Greer and Walter as well as Robert Taylor and Lana Turner and others.
In Greer's cameo she is accosted by two silly teenage autograph hounds. Of course in real life any normal person like Greer would've just signed the autograph and then told those two to take a hike, but here Greer is very generous with her time and invites them up to her hotel suite for tea. They eventually meet Walter and he is of course very gracious.
And we get to hear Walter call Greer "Greer"!
Robert Taylor's cameo is also quite delightful.
Amongst the actors who are actually "acting" in this film are Edward Arnold and Agnes Moorehead, who both appear with Greer the very next year in "Mrs. Parkington".
You may have noticed that I don't count this movie as one of Greer's, nor as a movie that she made with Walter Pidgeon.
Greer models clothes!
Here is Greer in a small fashion shoot from the 1940s.