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Some of Greer's most beautiful moments
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Check out Oscar® Night 1943 for more pictures.
from "Goodbye, Mr. Chips"
The public's first glimpse of this wondrous creature:
In the Viennese ballroom: "Shall I tell you? The waltz you danced in Vienna."
"I've been trying to make up my mind which house I liked best."
from "Pride and Prejudice"
The archery scene.
"How clever of you, my dear Miss Bingley, to know something of which you are ignorant."
"Mr. Darcy has left Netherfield."
After arriving at Hunsford: "I wouldn't dare show it to Mama."
from "Mrs. Miniver"
"Well, so long as we're going to be relatives, the least you can do is to offer me some tea."
"You've such a way of looking at people."
from "Random Harvest"
"There, you see? You're doing splendidly."
"She is ma Daisy ..."
"He's not dangerous, I suppose?"
from "Adventure"
He's painting her house.