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Nightmares about Greer
Some mornings Ed wakes up in a cold sweat after one of the following nightmares.
In 1941 Greer follows Norma Shearer's example and refuses to play the mother of a college-age son in "Mrs. Miniver". Having just made a movie with Joan Crawford, Greer agrees to co-star with Greta Garbo in the disastrous "Two-Faced Woman". Both of the famous GG's then disappear from the Hollywood scene forever.
Hungarian Harvest
In 1942 Ronald Colman takes ill and Peter Lorre is the only available last-minute replacement for the lead in "Random Harvest".
Premature injection
In 1948, after the bad experience of "Desire Me", Greer decides to change her look by injecting Botox into her lips.
Fenner and the boys
In 1959 Greer divorces Buddy Fogelson and remarries Richard Ney and becomes a financial analyst for Merrill-Lynch.
Lonely life
Greer never meets Buddy Fogelson in the first place and spends the 1950s making several B pictures a year.